Panchasti Galpa || Ullas Mallick


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The stories written for about 12 years are wide in variety of topics. His stories have deep feelings of different periods of life from childhood to old age. Touching topics of dreams, despair, danger. Many works have perfect depictions of the suburbs. Nature there; public life; Funny but incompetent, selfish politics; There is the helplessness of a past-youthful body; Indebted condition of rural farmers; Govt health workers vs hammers – which captures the society’s inexorable changes. The stories are worthwhile in portraying many bitter-sweet relationships of family life. A wife longing for an unsuspecting husband, a couple’s pilgrimage to the temple for a child, the deep affection of a father’s heart, the unfailing love of a woman’s heart—which manifests itself even in old age! One of the assets of this collection is the author’s fiction. In addition to the deep and harsh truth of life, there are sweet and humorous stories woven in the same Munshiana. Some stories will make the reader sad, wet with sadness and helplessness. But many stories will take away the sadness and give you endless laughs.


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