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About sixty percent of the route from Changhan (Shanghai) to Kashgar is occupied by Chinese merchants. On this route, silk thread crosses the Mediterranean to the European market. The process of extracting the yarn from the cocoons is known only to the silk farmers of China and is kept secret from the outside world for commercial purposes. Mysteries and proverbs surround this secret. Chinese public life was devastated by the attack of foreign enemies. The security system of the country is weak. People are fleeing landless and homeless. In the north of the Gobi desert, an independent nation was being formed by the efforts of an energetic man. His style of warfare is unmatched by any civilized nation. To so-called traditional and opulent countries he is a barbarian, a devil. At this time, a group of ambitious young men from Hindustan bought silk from Chinese merchants in Kashgar and delivered it to the Greeks and made a lot of money in a short time. Will this middle-class merchant entity who grew up on the Silk Road get full ownership of the magic thread? One path, three countries and four fateful people are caught in the story of the tension of twelve hundred centuries of the East.


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