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Many write, but only two or four achieve the rare fortune of becoming writers of writers in addition to being popular readers. Subodh Ghosh was one of such rare breed of writers. Since his seat in the hearts of readers, he is also an eternal inspiration to writers. As in short stories and novels, Subodh Ghosh, the creator of many memorable characters, is amazing in the variety of subjects, shining in the richness of language. This collection of ten diverse novels of Subodh Ghosh. The collection includes the much-discussed Zia Bharli—a novel based on her experiences traveling to Nefa and Assam in the wake of the Sino-Indian border conflict. There is Bahubandit the Sujata which has been filmed separately in Hindi and Bengali, repeated on stage and radio, the novel which won him the honor of ‘Shreshtha Kahinikar’ at the All India Film Awards. His last novel Kalketu and Vasant Tilak, Kantidhara, Rupsagar, Varnali, Bandhu Golap, Doi Gandharva and Eso Pathik are his seven other novels.

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